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A Tribute to Our Brother, Michael, Onevoice... See You There OV.
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Our dear brother left this world and entered into the kingdom of God. As we rejoice in his release, we ache with the loss of his presence. He did leave us all some precious gifts to share among each other. The first of the gifts he left for us was his "soapbox," I feel he'd like us to pull it out and use it whenever we feel passionate about what we're sharing with each other. The only stipulation would be that we carefully put it back under the couch so it's available to whoever might need it next. The second gift is his hungry alligator that he left by the door of chain. Of course no one needs to feed it...otherwise it wouldn't remain hungry, but let's remember when we leave, to leave with the proper goodbyes and the right frame of heart. The third gift our precious friend left us was the example of himself, unselfish even when in pain, the ability to laugh at oneself (before someone else beats you to it). The devotion to chain because of the people who held it close. The desire to do what is good and right, even in the face of opposition. The determination to make EVERYONE who walked into #Chain part of the conversation and family, even if they seemed "different." As we think of Mike, Onevoice, we will all realize he is not gone, he fought the good fight and left a lifetime of memories and love behind for us to share and pass along. Mike would say to us at this time "would you quit crying! I'm finally out of pain! (then he'd stick out his tongue at us and say) HA, I beat ya'll to Jesus' lap!"
--Shawn aka HisHeart