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December 30, 2005

I am just asking for strength. I recently was praying too, unlike I have done in a while. I am turning my life to Him and am just looking for for prayer as a strength tool along with the way to talk to God. I also am trying to get my finances straight and need some prayers for that as well.

December 29, 2005

From: "MONICA"
I have been married for eight looong years. It has felt that long yes because my husband is selfish. I am tired of it. Can't take it anymore. I need Divine intervention and the Lord's help in praying this matter through. It is causing me great anxiety. Pray that my husband sees what he is doing is not right. I am hurt.

December 20, 2005

Churches, Sunday schools, small groups and individuals are requested to participate in Presidential Prayer Sunday on February 19th to make a difference in America. Daily prayer for leaders, the nation and armed forces is also needed.

December 13, 2005

From: "CAROL"
Please pray for the defeat of the enemy strarting trouble between my daughter, grandaughter and me, by her mother-in-law, husband and brother-in-law. Also now the mother-in-law is working on my grandaughter and trying to twist her thinking towards me, like she has done to my daughter. It is a very co-dependant situation on the mother-in-law's part. She is always doing different things to draw attention to herself, trying to have the preeminence in their lives, and has been vicious in doing so. She is very stragetic and persuasvive/demonic in the way she does these things to get her way in their lives. She has spoiled my daughter and now my grandaughter with inordinate affection, with syrupy speech, and manipulative ways to get their eyes on her and under her control. I think she seduces them with some kind of power, like a romantic thing. I deal with people all of the time, and when around her, I just sense the need to help her to get right with God, and leave them alone. She has a husband, but lives separate half of the time. It is mind boggling at times to see this happening like a bad dream. I had just ended up almost ignoring her, and speaking to her when the conversation would not be anything phony or gossipy when around her, because of her deceitfulness, and then got accused of not being nice. I was friendly to her the other day, and when she had the opportunity, she just made some sarcastic remark when I said something in regards to my grandaughter as we were watching her game. So I think she just wants to keep things going since it is working for her to get attention, by blaming things on me.I admitted to my daughter that I had gotten provoked at her, and probably like she wanted me to, as she would do certain things with my Grandaughter in front of me also. She is using my daughter to try to get control over me by causing trouble very subtly. I believe when she has my grandaughter she pumps her head and emotions into being so attentive by what she tells her and how she is with her. The other day she didn't even speak to me at her game and just sat with the mother-in-law, so I just did something stupid I guess as I walked up to her and said thank you for coming, just to have some communication with her since it was over and I was going to leave. Their dad always tells them to do that, so that was what I said .I got accused of being sarcastic since then about that. My grandaughter ran away from me, and ignored me, like it was a big problem, when I was just wanting to have some communication with her before I left. She has never been like that to me. It's like they are looking for something to accuse me of. They are critical and judgemental of everything in a negative way, and try to bring people down. The family my daughter married into are very angry and full of self-pity and argue a lot, whereas my daughter and I have always gotton along, and I think that is a threat to them for some reason especially since her mother-in-law wants to control everything. She has a lot of money and is very secure in that. I have struggled most of my life in raising three kids by myself, and we were always close in a healthy way, but now to cause trouble between me and my daughter, I see is a must for them since I see what they are doing to her. The uncle uses the conditioned response method to get all the attention on the mother-in-law by saying Grammy this and Grammy that lke a dripping faucet. Well I guess you can see what I am trying to convey.

Thanks so much for praying, Carol

December 2, 2005

From: "TOM"
Please help. I own a small business and unknowingly made a mistake that may cause a very large company to take some sort of legal action against me. I ask for as many people's prayers as possible including my own to cast away this negative energy and exercise the forgiveness of God.

Thank you, Vince

December 1, 2005

From: "S. G."
Please pray and ask God to forgive me of all my sins. Please pray that my mother is healed of cancer, tumors, heart failure, clogged arteries and all things I want her to be healed of for once and for all and that she lives many, many more years in this natural life. Please pray that I get the money I pray for and I have great credit and I am debt free the way I want to be. Also that I get rid of this jealousy I have for others including my brother Darin, his wife and kids, in any way and for any reason. I know it is wrong, but I can't help it. Please pray that Darin always lives near me like he is now or closer like the way I want. Please pray that my landlord renews my lease without raising it and that someday soon I can buy the house I want pay it off. Please pray that I have better self-esteem about myself and am not jealous of others in any way or for any reason. Please pray that I and all my family are always healthy, happy and for our well being in all ways. Please pray that I have happy, healthy children of my own and I provide for them very well. Please pray that I have a husband, home and children of my own. These are just some of my wants, needs and prayers, please pray that God knows them all and that it is His will to bless grant them all to me now and always in this human life no matter what.

Thank you and God Bless, S.G.