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February 24, 2005

From: "STEVE"
All who read this, I ask you to please pray for Karen who is undergoing surgery today for breast cancer. Pray that the cancer has not spread, that the surgery will be successful, and that Karen will have a speedy and complete recovery. Please pray that God will guide the hearts, minds and hands of the treating physicians and will comfort and sustain Karen's family and friends in this time of need, that hope will surely overcome despair, that faith will surely overcome fear, that healing will surely overcome disease, and that love will surely overcome all else. Steve

February 23, 2005

From: "NO NAME"
Tormented, remorseful, repented, tears cannot stop flowing and I am crying out to the Lord Jesus for a miracle urgently. I am 46 and married. Recently I had an inappropriate relationship with a very underage girl at work. I received a note from her expressing how much she loves me and this woke me up to end the affair and she agreed. However, she reported the molestation and I was interviewed by the police and the investigation is still going on. Please Jesus have mercy on me and make this girl withdraw the molestation charge and the police and people involved in this investigation to drop all charges so as to avoid a court hearing. God I know I am a sinner but please look into my heart of repentence and misery I have brought upon myself. Have mercy on me and please donít torture me anymore and save me from this problem. Jesus I want to be a living testimony for You and to live life righteously and to expand Your Kingdom as guided by You. Jesus please help me by saving me to save other souls. Please understand that I am not putting conditions for my miracle but am truly needing it. In Jesus' Name I pray. Please kindly email me if you kind souls receive any news from God. Amen. Going into a depression. My wife has forgiven me, Praise God.

Note: In publishing this request CHAIN in no way intends to minimize the crime of child molestation and the impact on the child victim. The Editor is in a position to observe on a daily basis the devastating and lasting traumatic effects of sexual abuse in the lives of adolescent girls. The request has been edited for content.

From: "JENNY"
Pray for Anne G's daughter Kim who has just received an alarming medical report. Blood work, xrays etc. are revealing major reasons for concern. Anne asks you join her in praying that the doctors find nothing that confirms their suspicions.

Howard and Janet are ministering almost non-stop throughout the UK again. Please continue to lift them up before the King of Kings as they minister in England.

Blessings, Jennifer

February 15, 2005

From: "MARI"
Please pray for my mother, she was taken to the hospital last night and she is bleeding internally and they are testing her this a.m. to find out why. Mari

February 9, 2005

From: "LYNN"
I pray for my marriage to be healed and stay healthy, even if it means sacrificing my work load. I ask for a miracle. With God all things are possible. I wish to thank God for all he has done for me. I am thankful for roof over my head, an education, and semi health, etc. God please show me a sign as I have become discouraged. Lift us on high. Merci pour toute

February 7, 2005

Please pray that Constance will get a book deal for her story. She also requests God's help in providing for her financial security and sends her thanks.

February 1, 2005

I thank God for the many miracles that have taken place in my life. However, please help me pray that God will help me through this terrible time in my life. I am being bombarded left and right from an ex-wife, job and other trials. I know that He is always with me, it is proven time and time again. Now, I feel that I could use the extra help of friends praying with me that my enemies will leave me and that he Hand of God will be on my heart to guide me. Also, I pray that God will place His hand on the heart of my children, that they will know that He is always with them and guiding them. Also, pray that God will move in the heart of my wife... a non believer. I pray that God will move in her heart for other reasons as well.