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January 24, 2005

From: "KATHY"
Please pray for my marriage (Billy and Kathy). My husband recently filed a divorce and my court date is 2/4/2005. Please pray for reconciliation and also pray for the woman he had an affair with (Cyndy) be removed permanently from his life. I love and forgive my husband and I truly pray that God will bring him home.

January 19, 2005

From: "NORA"
Pray for financial abundance and a job that will value and appreciate me. Also for favor in the community. Thank you, Nora

From: "STEVEN"
Dear Prayer Warriors: Please pray for my financial needs. I had to spend over $650.00 to repair my van and have just enough money left in my checking account to keep it opened. Right now, after I pay for child support and my children's tuition for Christian school, my rent and living expenses and my tithe, I have nothing left at the end of the month. I will not get back any money from the IRS because I lost all my family deductions when we moved out of state in the same year I had to liquidate my TDA. I am still paying off the balance of $12,000 that I owe the government. My vehicle is over 15 years old and I need to replace it soon. I must drive to several locations and transport goods at work. I need a reliable vehicle large enough to drive myself and my three children to church and for my job needs. Thank you, Steven

January 15, 2005

From: "EMILY"
Please pray for all the victims of the natural disaster in Asia. Please also pray for my family and all our loved ones: may they be safe and healthy in the new year. May I also ask for a prayer for January 21; the Good Lord will know what this refers to. Thank you and amen! Thanks you for your prayers.

January 14, 2005

From: "BRIAN"
Pray that Vernon and his other friends not be scared to talk to me and I not be scared to talk to them. That they will learn to treat me with respect and I do the same to them. That I may learn to do that to others and they will do that to me.

January 12, 2005

From: "JENNY"
Pray for Joseph, youngest son of Pastors Seymour and Jurena who write that he had been accepted into officers school and was to leave and start training in February. He is now told he does not have security clearance, he was not only to have a security clearance but top secret clearance. If he does not get it he will not go to school but be sent off to Iraq. They also request prayer for him that after he is out of school he gets a base that is secure for him. "Please pray for him he is under attack. We need God to move the government in his favor." Seymour and Jurena

Diane requests prayer for her brother Gordon. He's 40 and in stage 3 Hepatitis C. Recent liver biopsy confirmed the severity. He's waited years to be approved for a clinical trial and just received a call that he's still too heavy (he's lost 100 pounds this year) and his blood pressure is too high. He's about to lose hope. Diane prays that this will draw him closer to the true physician and that his faith will begin to take root and that Satan will stop trying to steal his life! She believes in miracles, but more importantly in Gordon's case prays that he will begin to believe that all things are possible through our Savior. Diane thanks you for your prayers.

January 5, 2005

Our middle daughter Melanie is working in the theater world as a stage manager in a large city, where she is maintaining a strong witness for the Lord. Melanie needs an affordable apartment in mid-town because she works nights, and we do not want her traveling around the city at midnight. She needs the apartment by February 1st, so please join us in prayer that the Lord would provide this for her. Serving the King, Howard and Janet

January 4, 2005

From: "PAT"
Dear praying friends, I am not writing this letter to everyone, but to those I believe will take some action during this time of need for Tammy R. Tammy's husband Terry, a police officer, went home to the Lord in December. He suffered a lot for the six months that cancer took its toll on him. He leaves his wife, Tammy, his son, age 4 and stepson, age 8. The family is in need of encouragement at this time. They are new Christians. Perhaps you can ask others to pray. Thank you, friends. Blessings upon you, Pat

January 3, 2005

Please pray for our friends' son Ian, he is fourteen years old. Ian was diagnosed with tumors in his brain late last week. We have been asked to pray that the tumors will be found to be not cancerous. One is on the back of his skull and we are believing the Lord will cause it to shrivel up and that no more masses form. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors and that his mom and dad will come to receive Jesus as Lord of their lives. May Jehovah Raffa get all the glory and honor, not the doctors, for healing this young boy. Blessing in Messiah, Elizabeth

January 2, 2005

From: "PATSEY"
Please pray for my son Jason that a case he has against him is dismissed and that it happens soon. He is under so much stress and he is such a kind man. Thank you.

From: "MRS. GREG M."
Please pray for our son. He is 8 weeks old and is supposed to have vaccinations at the end of the week. He was exposed to drugs while in utero and I am wondering if his system is strong enough to handle vaccinations so soon. We need wisdom and clear counsel regarding how to handle this situation. If he does end up being vaccinated we pray that the only effect the vaccines will have on his body is immunity to the disease they are designed to prevent. Vaccines can cause damage to immune, neurological and other body systems. My husband's brother was severely damaged via vaccination as an 18 month old. Our son has been through so much all ready with drug withdrawal. We know that Jesus has him in our family for a purpose. He joined our family at 1 week old, an awesome answer to prayer. We pray that he will fulfill whatever it is that Jesus has in mind for him. Thank you.

January 1, 2005

From: "CHAIN"
Please join us in praying for both the physical welfare and spiritual needs of those affected by the South Asia earthquakes and tsunami. Also intercede for the health and safety of all involved in the efforts to provide aid to the region. Pray for guidance and give of your own resources as the Lord leads you.

From: "CINDI"
Would like prayer for my family, home and business. We have a small business that is suffering financially, we are behind in several bills as well in our home life. Prayer for our daughter, Michelle (a senior) to have an excellent basketball season and to have a good college offer her a complete scholarship, superior student. Prayer for our 5th grade son, Kevin, who had 3 F's on his midterm and is acting out in school and not doing well. Prayer for continual loving family, home and marriage. Prayer for a financial intervention for my husband, Kenny, he has a court date due to back child support, a huge amount, and we have to pay this or he goes to jail, my husband is a good man, but due to lack of work, we were (are) behind on that, as well as other personal and business issues. Thank you very much.

From: "JENNY"
Update on previous requests: Pastor P. E. sent a report about the great success of the ministry trip to West Africa. Much was accomplished by the crusades, pastors' conferences and visits to churches. Immediate results included many miracles with many hundreds of commitments and recommitments to Christ. "Only time and eternity will reveal all that the Lord did and how many people were touched," wrote the pastor. The trip was cut short by several days because one of the pastors participating was from an area in India hit by the tsunami and Pastor P. E. needed to get home to check on a friend of his son's injured in Iraq. The Indian pastor's family turned out to be fine and Blake is back in the U.S. in an Army hospital and doing well. The pastor expressed his thanks to those who prayed for the ministry trip and his son's friend.