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MARCH 2005

March 26, 2005

From: "TOM & PAM"
Dear fellow believers: Praise the Lord Jesus! He is mighty! He is our counselor! He has given us all power over the enemy. I would like to ask for prayer. My ex-wife and I got mixed up in one of satan's more terrible battles of our day, because of the place that we rented and we have been severely harrassed by demons ever since. We have been taking all the biblical steps for standing against the wiles of the devil. We have been living in the armour of God, and using Jesusí mighty name to bind the enemy and send him and his forces away. We are trying to live according to the word of God and have repented of all sin in our lives. We read the word a couple hours a day and are having a kind of revival. Several of our neighbors have come to the Lord this last year. We are active at our church. The worst harrassment became evident when I came under attack by a very large group of satan supporters when we lived in another state. They are a group whose particular agenda is to get satan to posess someone and begin to rule and reign on earth. They challenged satan to ruin our lives. According to the club, there were 40,000 sacrifices to satan offered against us in one month. The club divined from satan that his agenda for me was to possess me directly.

Also, I had had an evil spirit talking to me all my life about being a special character who would end up famous or in world power. Due to really unusual, "miraculous" circumstances, this spirit had appeared as an angel of the Lord and never ever went "directly" against God's principles. I have had a terrible battle with visions and delusions so real that I can hardly keep my sanity. I lost my first marriage, my business and my friends. I sinned and refused to repent. Also, I heard voices as loud as freight trains and as many as 30 at once, they didnít stop from waking till sleeping. For 8 years the enemy, as an angel of light, laid out their plans which turned out to be plans to make me the anti-christ. The angels of light talked often about Christianity at its best. The bible says that "even the elect could be led astray". I was. Satan used a tremendous amount of power when laying out his plans over my life. The bible demands utmost respect for angels and obedience to them and for years it was almost impossible to discern if one side, the best side of the saga was not God and Jesusís side. Also I was afraid of being in danger of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, calling God's work the enemy's because it was angels (of the wrong side).

Praise the Lord Jesus! With sincere prayers from my parents who wrote a formal contract claiming God's promises, binding the forces and claiming healing for me, it took over two years before my eyes were opened and I realized that I had been deceived. I went to several local believers and my pastor who prayed in Jesus' name, and now the visions have all stopped. The voices have trailed down to only one voice from different sources. One pastor I prayed with asked Jesus to "erase my hard drive", and Jesus erased most of the terrible visions and experiences! They are no longer in my memory, just traces! Their sting and the confusion they brought is gone. But the harrassment is still incessant, continuous and it takes all my might to stand up to it. Satan and his demons are able to read every thought I have and battle each one.

We need prayer because demons still come by the hundreds. I know that sounds staggering, but there were well over 10,000 demons involved over those 8 years. They lined an entire valley, horizon to horizon, 30 deep one day. It has been three years since then and enemy still comes over and constantly invades our space. Please pray that the enemy leave us completely alone! We are all Christ's now. Pray that all those plans satan laid out for my life to make me the anti-christ be destroyed—uttterly! Please realize, these were probably satan's actual plans for the anti-christ, originating from the club I mentioned before. I was saved at the age of 6 years old and have was raised on the mission field. My parents are bible translators. I was raised in church and was very zealous for the Lord growing up, too zealous I think because that is how the enemy got to me. I have been in church most of my life but was out of church for about 10 years. Please pray that I find proper repentance. Also, pray for my mind, my wifeís health and the rebuilding of our lives. My mind needs a lot of prayer. I canít think at all. Pray for my wife because her back and her blood pressure got much worse during the ordeal and our sonís behavior needs prayer. By the way, that club is a secret club often defended by threats, so also pray for our safety. Sincerely Tom and Pam and family.

Note: request edited for length

March 23, 2005

From: "P.S."
I have a son, 18 years old and his name is John. He does not believe in God and is not saved yet in the name of Jesus. He is a senior in a high school, but does not care about his future. He hangs around with the wrong friends and smokes marijuana. He has a very bad temper. When things are not going his way he breaks things and destroys all kinds of stuff, furniture, walls, etc. He took a lot of things from the house without permission to exchange for marijuana. He is very lazy, not doing any chores unless I pay him some money. Otherwise he plays games until 1 or 2 am. Every time we have repaired walls or purchased new things the same thing happens again. It has been over 4 1/2 years. This has made all the family very sad. I cry to God almost every night. I love him very much, but I am very tired and don't know what to do. He is living with me. I am praying for him all the time. I want to him to be responsible, respectable, kind, care about his future, and have a big dream and a goal. I need the power of prayer to change him to be God's child. Please pray for him.

March 10, 2005

My cousin Trish has cancer. Several years ago she had a lung removed and last year the cancer returned. Her youngest daugther will be six on March 16th the day before Trish's birthday. Emily was just one the first time Trish was diagnosed. She has been having fluid drained every 3 or 4 days and blood has been present. The last time they drained her there was less fluid because the doctor said the tumors were growing. There is nothing medically they can do. It is all in the Lord's hands. In mans' eyes things do not look very good but in God's eyes she is healed. Please pray for her healing. She has three daughters age 13, 11 and almost 6 and those girls need their mom healthy and well. She returns on March 11th to have the fluid drained again and I am believing for a good report. He is Jehovah Raffa!

Thank you and bless you for agreeing with me in prayer for Trish's healing! Michelle

March 8, 2005

From: "STEVEN"
Dear Beloved in Messiah:

Please uplift the K------ family in prayer.

Also make sure to set aside some time during the weekend of April 2nd – 3rd, 2005 (15th Annual ďJust Pray NO!Ē to Drugs Worldwide Weekend of Prayer and Fasting) to pray for the addicted and their families.

Blessings, Steven

March 7, 2005

From: "ANA"
Please pray for my father who had two brain aneurisms on Wednesday, last week. Heís critical and may have a second surgery. Heís a wonderful husband and unreplaceable father. God bless, Ana

March 4, 2005

From: "G.C."
We are looking for a Senior Pastor job in New York or Pennsylvania. We have been searching since last July for a position in an interdenominational or Independent non-Baptist, non-chrismatic church. Please pray that we find one soon. Thank you. GC.

March 1, 2005

From: "JENNY"
Pray for Anne G's grandson Chandler who is in intensive care. The 5 year old has sickle cell anemia and he's in the midst of a major attack and struggling for life. The blood disorder reduces the amount and flow of oxygen to the lungs. He's on a breathing machine and attempts to wean him from it have failed so far. Anne writes that she believes the word of God in Isaiah 53:3-5. Please pray for Chandler's full reccovery, that he's successfully weaned off the machine and the drugs, that his lungs and limbs and blood are restored and fully healed.

Anne also requests prayer for wisdom and strength for her daughter Kelly. The family, like most these days, are a blend of believers and unbelievers, those who say they are Christians, but are clueless and those who are cynical about the Christian faith. There is a mix of ex-wives/husbands, step-mothers/fathers, girlfriends/boyfriends and other family dynamics that make for a tense and complicated situation. Anne asks we pray for peace and restoration and the acceptance of Yashua as Lord.