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October 30, 2005

Please pray for me and my daughter, first that the Holy Spirit gives me the right words to say and also that my daughter knows how to defend herself in times of trouble.


October 27, 2005

Please pray for me. I strive to do God's will and feel that I fall short. I pray for strength and guidance in every aspect of my life: family, marriage, children, work and most importantly church. I pray for the continued faith and hope that have held me for so long. I pray for forgiveness in my short comings and pray for the ability to be a faithful servant of God.

Thank you

October 26, 2005

Please pray for my daughter's New York trip to be successful and happy, my son's devils to flee from his soul, for my granddaughter to get a good job, my grandson to have strength in the Lord to see him through this tough time and his wife to have strength and peace in her choice to face up to her past, and for me to be free from financial stress. Thank you, in Jesus' name, Amen


October 24, 2005

From: "SVD"
I now see I must ask for prayer; for my daughter and children. Please pray for protection for my daughter and two children and for them to be freed from the bondage of unhealthy spiritual input intended to only gain control in a domineering way, to be in control as to possess with divisive carnal attitudes towards me. Pray for God's perfect will in their lives and for them to be protected from this drama to serve the true living God, completely from the heart, by the true Holy Spirit, with a pure focus on God personally with much fruit.

Pray for my nephew Jerry's recommitment to the Lord, and since he has two children by a woman he has been living with for four years, for her salvation as well. Also that they would both see the importance for them to be in church with their children. She has a drug problem, so she really needs to be delivered to see truth.

Thank you

October 18, 2005

From: "CTH"
Hello Precious Prayer Partner, I know it has been a long time since my last update but I have been going through some trials and tribulations myself. But mom is still here with us and is doing well. She was only expected to live 6 weeks back in January and now it is almost 11 months later. What a great testimony to the faithfulness of our Lord and Savior. I am still praying and believing for complete restoration. I thank you so much for your steadfast prayers as well.

October 17, 2005

From: "JOE"
Please pray that Kim will turn her life over to CHRIST!!

Thank you, Joe

October 13, 2005

Pray For the healing of Hermogenes D. Sr. from cancer of the lungs and its complications. Also for His wife Marcelina and members of their family, that they may have the courage and strength to carry the burdens of life.

Thank you so much!

From: "S. G."
Please pray that my mother Maryanne is healed of cancer and tumors once and for all and that all her tests are always normal, cancer, tumor and all bad things free. Please pray that my mother lives for many, many more years in this life, happy, healthy, good, normal, damage free, disease free, cancer free, tumor free and all bad things free. Please pray for these blessings now and forever in every way and how I want, even if I don't mention them all, now and forever.

Thank you

October 12, 2005

From: "TOM"
Pray for supernatural favor and blessing in all areas of our life and for protection against any evil that would come against us .For wisdom and guidance.

Thank You

October 8, 2005

From: "KATHY"
Please pray for Matthew! He is a teenager who needs the Lord and His hand on his life. He's in great trouble. Please pray that the Lord reveals Himself to Matthew and that He helps Matt to be what He wants him to be.

Thank you! Kathy

From: "GINA"
Please pray for protection for my 15 year old son Justin and 15 year old brother Gipson. They have gotten mixed up with dangerous bad people. They know this and are afraid for their safety. Pray God's angels will gaurd them day and night and God will bring them close to him and keep them under his wing

October 7, 2005

From: "MUFIDE"
In Jesus' Name and for the sake of God the most High, could you please pray for us from Turkey till we are delivered from everything separating us from the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for: Mufide, Nedime, Hamdi and children, Tahsin and Ali, Irfan, Ismail, Sherif, Faruk, Fevziye and all their families that the Lord will convert and have mercy on us, will forgive, heal, bless and protect us and will grant us His Holy will, Holy vocations, Holy visions, Holy revelations about the truth and fill us with His Holy Ghost, clothe us with His divine grace and hide us in the citadel of the sacred hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and in the blood in the bleeding sacred wound of His sacred heart for all eternity with all our churches, shrines, houses, vehicles, work places, dear ones and all our travels that no evils, dangers, disasters, will come near us and no enemy will ever be able to harm us or any dear ones or anything that belong to us in any way and that nothing and nobody will be able to prevent God's will, destined for us from all eternity, from being entirely fulfilled in our lives. And for deliverance from all our sins and from the sins of our ancestors. And for the citizenship in America till the Lord transform us as He did His Holy Apostles and send us to evangelize in Turkey.

Please pray that the Lord will convert and transfom my parents who came to visit me from Turkey yesterday, as He transformed me during my visit to America 12 years ago. They will stay until October 26th. I ask for divine strength for me to be able to continue to pray for them.

Pray for Irfan and all family members for deliverance from all illness, sickness, death, trouble, in Jesus' Name.

Pray for rebirth of our Catholic Church in Turkey, conversion of the people. Pray for alll special intentions, for Hikmets, Ayhans, Zekiyes, Fevziyes.

God will bless you from Heaven. Mufide

Please pray for the conversion of Cheryl, John, David, Gordan, Don and myself.

Thank You

October 5, 2005

From: "SHANE"
Financial bills are due and we're asking the Lord to provide. May He open a supernatural door as He is able to supply all our needs according to His riches and glory in Jesus our King, keeping us in perfect peace as our minds are kept on Him.

We thank you for your prayers. Matthew 18:19

From: "STEVEN"
Dear Prayer Warriors: I am asking you to uplift in prayer a man whom I've been visiting each week in jail over the last several months. His name is Brian C. I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in his life as he has repented before the Lord and recommitted his life to Jesus Christ.

At first, he was in the general prison population where he cowered timidly and tried to remain inconspicuous as possible. After a month of Brian crying every day, I visited with him. As he truly repented of his sins, God started a miraculous work in him and gave him a calling. Over the next few months, he witnessed to twenty-five inmates and fourteen got saved. I followed up with several of the inmates and it was evident that their lives had been touched for both time and eternity.

Satan was not pleased in how God's Spirit was moving in Brian's life and the jail ministry that was flourishing. A nurse practitioner accused him of hiding behind his Bible and arranged to have him locked up in the psych ward on suicide watch. This meant no razor, toothbrush, or even a sheet with which to cover himself at night. He was escorted in shackles. But Brian remained strong in faith although severely tested. After over a week of this hellish existence, this same nurse recommended that Brian be released from this pit.

Brian was then transferred to maximum security, where he now resides in a pod designed for eight men but houses ten. Brian is awaiting trial among a group of some of the most violent and abusive prisoners. His cellmate, Michael B., has recently rededicated his life to Jesus. Along with Robert W., who has served over 35 years in prison and Michael, Brian is again involved in leading extensive Bible studies. Please pray for Brian's physical protection, emotional health, and spiritual growth. Pray for Brian's encouragement, wisdom, and discernment. Pray that the entire pod gets radically saved. Pray for supernatural favor with the judge and prison system so that Brian gets released and not sentenced to more jail time.

Blessings in Messiah, Steven S.