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September 29, 2005

From: "D. D."
I am in desperate need of prayer for restoration of my marriage. My husband Don is finding female companionship outside our marriage. I am very heart broken over this. Please pray that this will stop, and he will be convicted by the Holy Spirit.

September 17, 2005

From: "S. T."
I have a very urgent prayer request for a muslim friend now working in Saudi but born of another country. His name is Mak. He recently exposed his faith to his family at the wrong time and am now facing a dangerous situation. His family or others may take actions against him. As I am the one who shared Jesus with him over the past year through the internet, I feel extremely anxious for his safety. Please please pray for God’s protection over him and his loved ones who loves him a lot and thinks that he is joining a cult. They are throwing curses at him and he is almost breaking down.

“God, please cover Mak with the blood of Jesus and shield him from all harm and evil. Heal him, comfort him, strengthen him and give him wisdom how to deal with the situations. In Jesus’ Powerful Name “

Thanks for your prayers, S. T.

September 16, 2005

From: "ANGEL"
Please pray for my aunt, Josephine S., who is fighting a losing battle against cancer more bravely than any soldier ever fought. Also, for her husband of over 30 years, Joe, and their daughter, Anna, who is about to get married on October 1.

Thank you so much, Angel

Please pray for Will to be delivered from mandatory visitation with his biological mother. He describes incidents of sexual abuse from his mother. He says she talks to the "devil", calls monsters by name and tells him if he prays, she will send the monsters to "get him." I have sole custody of him, but she is still allowed visitation. He says he does not want to see her ever again and cries vehemently as she is taking him for visitation. A hearing is scheduled before a judge in this matter on October 3 and 4th.


September 12, 2005

From: "MUFIDE"
In Jesus' Name and for the sake of God the most High, could you please pray for Irfan and his family members from Turkey. He has been in this country for more than 13 years, since he was a teenager. Over three years ago he applied for citizenship. Still he is waiting. Meanwhile he got married to Sema from Turkey and they have a baby Mehmet. Please pray for them. I am so concerned about their health. He is always crying here and she is crying in Turkey. They have lost so much weight and they cannot sleep at night. Their house and business are here in America and she cannot come here. Every time he sees a baby he thinks his heart is going to stop. Please pray for them to Jesus to open a door for them.

Please pray also till they are delivered from everything seperating them from the Lord Jesus Christ. Not only for Irfan and his wife Sema and their newborn baby Mehmet, but for: Tahsin-Ali-Fevziye-Nedime-Mehmet-Mufide-Ismail-Serif-Faruk-Lara Nedime-Zeynep Sevda-Faruk Arda-Serap-Yildiz-Zeyneps and all family members that the Lord will forgive them, grant them Holy vocations, Holy visions, Holy revelations about the Truth, fill them with His Holy Ghost, clothe them with His Divine Grace and hide them in the Citadel of the sacred hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and in the precious blood in the bleeding sacred wound of His sacred heart for all eternity with all their houses vehicles, work places, dear ones, travels and citizenships. Pray that no evils, dangers or disasters will come near thm and no enemy will ever be able to harm them or any dear ones or anything that belongs to them in any way and that nothing and nobody will be able to prevent God's will from being entirely fulfilled in their lives. Also for deliverance from all their sins and from the sins of their ancestors and for rebirth of our Catholic Church in Turkey, conversion of the people.

Pray for Mufide's healing of mind, freedom from all evils, dangers, disasters of all kinds. Also for the company I work for, they had only a few customers last week and they could hardly pay the rent. They could not even pay me. The owners just had a new baby and do not have insurance or any social support at all. And for all special intentions.

God bless you, Mufide.

September 9, 2005

From: "KITTY"
please pray for my son Bobby P. Pray that he may return home soon to his wife and kids, that God will guide Bobby, protect him, bless him with a calm spirit, that all who meet bobby see's the good in him. Lord, bless Bobby with a tame tongue. Please O Lord, let doors open up for Bobby and Amanda, that their future together will be a strong one and they survive everything with the Lord's help and serving Him. Bless Paige and Torri, that they may be able to hug their daddy soon. Lord I pray that you will help Bobby with all his needs.

From: "MONICA"
Please pray for my mom. Please pray as this is ongoing. She has arthritis and feels very weak at times.

Pray for a good night's sleep and relaxed one too!

September 7, 2005

Dear Chain Prayer Partners, I beg of you to pray for me—for I am absolutely desperate to be closer to my Lord and God, and to live a life that is fully devoted to Him. Please, please pray for me that our Heavenly Father would bring me into deeper union with Christ, that He would burn in me an overwhelming hunger and desire to give up all for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, and that He would teach me what it is to let Christ live in me by His Holy Spirit.

Your prayers would mean everything to me!

In our glorious Master's service, Brother Trevor

September 2, 2005

I ask all of you that read this prayer request that you pray for all the people in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama who have had their world turned upside down. I have been watching the news and not only is my heart breaking but my eyes are burning with tears because of all the families that no longer have anything to call their own. Please help in any way you can. My financial status is very poor at this time but I have managed to come up with a small amount and sent it to the Red Cross. Please Lord; help me to find a way that I can help those people in need. Help me find the means in which I can be of help in any way possible. God, bless your children in need.

In Christ, Kristina

From: "BLESS"
Please pray for my family. I need a car. My sister's car broke down and I am not able to look for work. I have no funds coming in. One of my daugthers is gaining a lot of weight.Iam afraid for her. Please pray for her. My other daughter is under alot of stress due to people using her. Her dad is disrepectful of her because of his soon to be wife. He is a very rude person. So is his future wife. They talk down to people because they have good jobs, which is stupid. Please pray for good health, wisdom and favor. Also for those people to fix our car right and give it to us tomorrow. Pray for a job for myself, soon; for my fiance, that I will be healed of anything that is ailing myself and family. God Bless