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February 24, 2006

From: "GENIE"
Grace and peace to you.

Can you please pray for us. We are always sick. My daughter always has a fever and she has a lung disease. I had a UTI infection and was bleeding. Thank God it's okay now. Please pray that we will be able to move into a cheaper, quieter and safer apartment. Pray for the success of our shop and store there if we ever move. We have been mugged here; my cell phone has been snatched and money. Please pray for financial blessings. We will son be bankrupt. I don't want to see Philip suffering here. Pray that his brother can sell his truck soon. Pray that our printing shop will succeed and have more customers. Please pray that Altel and Mom Mom will send the amount they promised very soon. I don't know what to do anymore. It's so hard to look at all things with faith while you know that tomorrow you won't have anything to eat anymore and will see your loved ones suffering. Pray for us please.

You are all in our prayers. God bless you

From: "NICOLE"
Please Pray for my sister's teacher, she just found out that she has an advanced stage of cancer.

Thank you, Nicole

February 12, 2006

From: "GENIE"
Can you please pray for Marcel and his fiancé to be able to be together soon. Also for peace and comfort.

Please pray for Dennis for the instant and complete healing of hs prostrate problems and for the healing of his mom Patsy's back.

Please pray for my instant healing. I am having a severe cough and urinary tract infection. Also please pray for the success of our shop and websites. May God be the center of our business and lives. Please pray for financial blessings, that Philip's truck will be sold soon and he will get blessings from his boss. We know nothing is impossible with God. All we wanted was to be together longer, my hubby and me. Please pray that Philip may be able to get a permanent visa here soon. Pray and agree with me that God will make a miracle in our life soon. I am losing hope. Pray for us to be closer to God and able to serve Him more. Also that we may be able to support, visit my kids and get them soon. Pray for their protection, provisions and complete healing of their sickness.

February 11, 2006

From: "KATHY"
Update: Please pray for healing for Cy. Please pray that the Lord touches him. When I asked for prayer last for Cy (on February 1), he suddenly improved a lot but he desperately needs your prayer again, now.

Thank you, prayer warriors! ~Kathy

February 10, 2006

From: "JONNI"
We are a Christian family, me, my husband and two children, son of 21, and a daughter of 19. My children want to follow the Lord as well, but the last year my daughter had so many difiiculties. She fell in the arms of a very bad man, who said he was a Christian, but he gave her drugs and had sex with her. We tried so much to bring her back to normal, and luckily she broke up with him a couple of months ago. However, she was wounded and confused and had to see a doctor for treatment for depression. Now she has a boyfriend again, he is friendly and is open to the Gospel, but not raised as a Christian. They only knew each other two weeks and my daughter became pregnant. Pray for my daughter S, and her boyfriend H., that God will make a path for them and that God will help us to stay faithful in Him. We are so discouraged and feel ashamed and I feel quilty for not raising her well enough and need prayer to not become depressed too.

Thanks, Jonni

February 1, 2006

From: "KATHY"
Please pray for healing for Cy (pronounced like "sigh"). Please pray that the Lord helps my family. Thank you for your prayers!