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DON'T FORGET TO PRAY" -- And the Roof Came Crashing Down
No, no, no, the roof did not come crashing down because sista forgot to pray. (Although she is is very faithful in bugging errr praying to God for others.) However, the ceiling in her bathroom did come crashing down. It is getting fixed slowly (sigh, you know landlords) and Bubba is dealing with not having his favorite place to hang out. Pray for sista to stay safe an healthy during repairs and for her to find a great place to move too that would be a blessing to her and allow her to be a blessing to her neighbors. Sista is courageously tackling her studies too and keeps logged into CHAIN often to be there for others. Thanks, sista and we are praying for you!

People are dropping like flies as long lost loved Chainsters drop by CHAIN. It is wonderful to chat a bit with Freezey who has an up and coming Olympic champion as a son. Looknup dropped by to chat for awhile and Mskipper dropped down from Canada to make sure we were behaving. It was such a joy to see Homey and get to chat with her and if you are nice you can bug her for an autographed copy of her husband's new book! ahem, you DO have to buy the book though :p~~~

Sippy dropped in, Felkor came by to let us know he is going to go for his masters and has a good job that he loves. Kajarii made an appearance and so did Nama. Sprtscstr came by and we need to pray that God gets him to the place and job that would meet his needs and bless his family.

On the other hand, we are missing chats with HisKnight, Wesage, Shalom, Skeezix, Faithy, Newnurse, SteamBoat, S[tp], TexasKia and Whistler. If you have not dropped in recently, drop by to chat and let us know what is happening. Praise God and let us know if you have prayer requests. Oh no, Is that HeCares and Luvabull??? Would someone get the smelling salts please? (((THUMP)))

Not only is Towgirl good, but she is loud!! heh heh. Thanks to all who faithfully prayed (and pray) for Towie. She is blessed and blessing others. She has a good job and great fellowship. She loves to praise God in song at her church and has a heart devoted to the Lord. Pssst, actually I can't hear her here in Phoenix I just wish I could! Keep an eye on Towgirl, she will be in a town near you promoting her hit album before you know it.

I'LL HUFF AND I'LL PUFF..." -- And I'll Bite the Mortgage Company
Mariah is not going to blow any houses down but she may bite anyone who dares to try and foreclose on the mortgage! (insert Glinda's voice here) "Are you a good wolf or a bad wolf?" :D

We are rejoicing and yet praying for ASeeker and her hubby, Bob to be able to pull through this rough time (the last 5 years...) with the business. ASeeker has been watched over by God and been a light in the dark to many of us online and to those offline in her community. Oh yeah, she's has been a real pain in the ahhh knees too (ask her pastor), but none of us would trade one moment of knowing and loving her.

Do not fail to pray for her and ask God to help her to be where He wants her and not to be discouraged. Thanks ASeeker, keep that computer going and connected!!

CHAIN KEEPS GROWING" -- Get Out the Hand Me Downs
To be honest, it amazes me as I watch the statistics for the CHAIN Web Site. In 2001, we had 6,016 individuals visit chain 23,751 times. Last Year (2002) we had 7,190 individuals visit chain 27,130 times. This means an average of 65 new visitors visited CHAIN every day in 2001 and 74 per day in 2002. In the month of January 2003 that number jumped to 115 visits per day. Amazing!

If you would like to bless those who visit CHAIN, make sure you send in inspiration materials to share with others. If you would share your testimony online, then send it by email to so they can be placed in the CHAIN Library. I know that putting original materials online means little chance of recouping financial gain but how wonderful to bless others with your stories and poetry.

As for the growth, we do need those hand me downs!! If you review the CHAIN budget you will see there is not enough money to pay the bills this month. So get those old $1s, $5s and $10s off the dresser (and out of the wallet) and send them to the Financial Director in St. Louie! You can see the Financial Policy and latest Financial Report from the Main CHAIN index. CHAIN wants to say thank you to all who have been part of the team, contributed spiritually and financially, prayed for others and been online to chat with others and share what God is doing in their lives. Praise God! Keep the faith!

BOOK EM, DANO ERRR SASSINAK" -- New Editable Member Scrapbook Coming
Yes, Sassinak is working hard to automate the Member Pages to allow you to control what information is placed on your member page. You can choose to show your First Name, State or country where you live, your e-mail address, etc. You can even edit your biography and your testimony. All this is possible because Sass got bored and needed to be buried with more projects.

OK, OK, not true... with school, moving and getting married it is out of pure love that Sassinak is helping CHAIN do this and we appreciate it! Pray for his studies, the upcoming wedding and his move to Arizona.

You can pray for Erin too. She is studying here in Arizona at GCU and both of them will be going through the Arizona summer. They won't be in Hell, Arizona (A real town!) .. but they will be in Phoenix which is hotter than .. that other place. Anyway, look for the new area to open in March or April. Thanks Sass!