Prayer team members have the following responsibilities:
  • Check the Prayer Board daily. Obviously there will be times you cannot do this. If it is going to be more than 2-3 days, please let someone on the prayer team know and ask if they might answer any of your assigned prayer requests.
  • If your button is assigned to a request, then email the person by clicking on their name and letting them know you and others are praying for them. Keep it simple and sincere.
  • Take time to read through all the requests and ask God to meet their needs, heal their hearts and comfort them in loss. This is very simple and yet very needed.
  • One may receive private requests with the Subject, "PRIVATE PRAYER REQUEST." Please read the email and send a note to the person asking for prayer. One can find that email address in the email itself, one cannot use the "response button" to reply to these emails.
  • Sometimes one will receive an update or kind word from one of the people you are praying for. If appropriate, please email them to onevoice and they will be forwarded to the prayer team in the monthly update. These updates and ecouragements are very important for all of us.
  • One may also find it a blessing to get to know prayer chains in your own local area. Sometimes one may wish to pass along a particular prayer request one finds on the Prayer Board.
  • Please also take time to pray for CHAIN and all its activities!