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These guidelines apply to publicly written communication. Including the Guestbook, Chatroom and Bulletin Boards. Private conversations (not posted publically) are obviously not regulated by CHAIN rules except in the case where a person on the public chat channel harrasses someone else on channel. Do not be offended if you are asked to take your conversation private. Sometimes it seems exceptions are made and there is probably a reason as these quidelines are somewhat subjective. We try to keep the public chat to what God is doing in our lives, sharing prayer requests and asking introductions. DO NOT MAKE PUBLIC JUDGEMENTS OF PEOPLE OR THEIR BELIEFS ON CHANNEL. -- MESSAGE THEM
Be courteous and friendly or at least attempt to avoid being impolite or hostile. If one wishes to disagree with someone or doesn't appreciate a comment that has been made... Message them... If they are responsive to ones comment(s) then continue to talk in private.
Channel participants are encouraged to keep a notebook by their computer to record prayer requests, personal notes, technical help and reminders of events.
Use your talents and abilities to help others on the channel. Do NOT preach or teach on the channel. If you wish to share the gospel with someone, do so in private message. If you would like help with a discussion, go to #chainlink and message some of the people on the channel to see if they would help.
Notify a Channel Operator if there are any problems on the channel. A Channel Operator has an @ in front of their nick. Example: @onevoice Do NOT argue with a channel operator over how they are handling the channel. Members should take time to visit the operator pages and read them.
Do not argue on channel. Take disagreements private. Do not get involved in private disputes. Only the people who are disagreeing should work out their differences or agree to disagree.
Discussions of most topics are allowable if the person is simply referring to a hobby, leisure activity, or interest. Use common sense. Most controversial topics are easily recognized.
Understand that one’s convictions are personal and allow others to hold their beliefs. In this age of hundreds of “christian” sects, vegetarians, television and movies, animal rights, evolutionists, etc... almost everything one does offends someone. If one feels compelled to express concern over someone else’s occupation, diet, entertainment choices, etc., please do so in private. If possible, and one knows the other person loves God, then pray for them and trust God will reveal the truth to them. However, don’t be surprised if God “adjusts” your beliefs in the process.
Questions of almost any nature are allowed. However, if the person is asking a “religious” question such as, “How should I be baptized?” or any question that involves religious instruction... Please privately message the person.
Unless used for general encouragement or sharing, do not flood the channel with scripture. If one is answering a person’s question with scripture, privately send the message to them.
Be open and honest at all times.
Learn how to /ignore any person who offends you. Please do not become hostile to others who are being inappropriate. If necessary, please take a moment to pray for them.
Once a person has learned IRC commands, please help others to understand how to use the /ignore function of IRC
Let a channel operator or one chain member (if no channel ops are present) handle a problem person. To Ignore someone, type: /ignore -nick- (nick = person's name on the channel.)
Ask questions of troubled people. Do NOT start preaching to them on the channel. If one wishes to share the gospel or express dislike for their behavior, please message the person and see if they are willing to respond The best approach most of the time is to get them to talk and not to talk to them. They usually feel that no one listens to them, especially "foolish, religious" people. Surprise them! Take the time to listen to them... even though you have probably heard everything they have to say at your office, in the locker room or in the hair salon!
Respect conversations on the channel. Too many conversations at once can get very confusing to all. Trying to stick to a discussion if occuring and help people feel comfortable by listening to them answer questions, share stories and testimonies or pray.
In most cases one should not direct any sound files to the channel. Sounds can knock some people off of their server and late at night it can be a problem with those who have small children or spouses who can be awoken by loud sounds. Sound files should be sent as a message in most cases. ie: /sound -nick- -filename.*- Example: /sound onevoice rofl.wav
Be very cautious in giving out Last Name, Street Address or Phone numbers to people on the channel. We do expect people to be able to feel comfortable in giving first names, city and state of residence, denomination or faith, age, testimony, marital status, etc for the purpose of getting to know each other through the medium of IRC. But what is shared is up to each individual and is not to be forced from anyone. All information supplied to #chain is to be kept kept strictly confidential! Any material on the "Bio Page" is done with permission but can be changed or altered at the person's request.
NOTICE: Anyone bashing any religion/denomination on channel, using profanity, sexually harrassing someone or behaving disruptive will be kicked and banned with NO warning. If the offender desires to explain why they behaved as they did, please message the operator on the channel. ALL people are welcome, but be respectful. Thanks!
People who desire to be registered members of chain must complete the membership form in full. There is no charge for this service.