The purpose of a channel operator (ChanOP) is clearly outlined on the Duties page. Being a ChanOp is not a position of status...It is hard work! You may have to kick people; ask people on channel to message privately; or ask people to please discontinue a topic. People often get upset; criticize the ChanOP; and/or harrass the ChanOP. Do NOT take this personally. Learn to refrain from answering/defending your decisions, or the decisions of another op, on channel. If a person has a problem with an operator who is not present or that cannot be immediately resolved with the ChanOp involved, advise them to visit the Dispute Page The problem is NOT to be handled in private discussion with other ops or members.

LEARN TO MESSAGE!! The Channel guidelines are clearly laid out and if you are an chanop, you have agreed to the channel guidelines. CHAIN Members and visitors have the right to message the ChanOP that they are offended and cannot handle a channel discussion of theology, doctrine or dogma. Yes, frequently people discuss topics or ask questions on channel. Then the ChanOP must make a decision whether to allow or disallow that particular topical discussion. Sometimes they are allowed if no one is upset, everyone knows each other and no private message is sent to the op, requesting a change in topic. This does NOT include people asking the ChanOP "Isn't this a topic?" or "Shouldn't they be messaging?" If someone is upset or wants the topic changed, they must message the ChanOP and state clearly, "I disagree or dislike this topic." Then the ChanOP can act on the message. Otherwise, messages to the op are distracting and just complicate handling the situation. ChanOPs decisions are final and not negotiable. ChanOPs will make mistakes and it is necessary to be flexible from one situation to the next. Do not bombard the ChanOP with conversation when they are handling a situation. TRUST that the OP has a reason for what they are doing. Be patient.

Channel Operators, the actions of channel operators and becoming a channel operator are never to be topics on the channel. Gossip and complaints about a ChanOPs should be made to Lilandria or another ChanOP if Lilandria is the offending ChanOP.