.BIOBASIC:/me is insert bio here
.FAKE BIO:/me is insert humorous bio here
.GODROCKS PASSWORD:/msg GodRocks op your password here
.OP $$1 (Hightlight Nick):/msg X op #chain $$1
.KICK:/kick # $$1
.KICKBAN:/ban $$1 2 | /kick # $$1
.BAN:/msg X ban #chain $$1 180 75 Problems or questions? See
.WHO ARE CHANOPS?:/msg X access #chain -min 50 -max 500


.CHAIN Url:/say "One can learn about #chain at 12
.PRAYER:/say 8,12 Go Ahead, $$1 -- We are listening 8,4 ****** Attention Channel: Prayer Request ******
.PRAISE:/say 8,12 Go Ahead, $$1 -- We are listening 8,4 ****** Attention Channel: Praise Report ******
.HUMOR:/say 8,12 Warning! Warning! $$1 Humor Alert 8,4 ****** humor - jokes - funny stuff! ******
.TALL TALE:/say 8,12 Warning! $$1 Tall Tale Alert 8,4 **** adventures - close calls - brushes with death ****
.DEMAND TO BE NOTICED:/say Hey! No one feel left out! Do you have something to share? Want to know more about someone? There is lots of of stuff happening on channel here. Just demand to be noticed!! ;) We always have time for prayer and sharing.
.CHAIN PICTURES:/me tells $$1 "If you need a picture scanned for #chain. . .we will do it for free. Send pic to: CHAIN, P.O. Box 1102, Kennesaw, GA 30156"
.CHANGE NICK!:/say -X- asks $$1 to PLEASE change your nick to something that is family friendly. Only warning. Thanks!
.WARNING:/say This is a general warning to all disruptive, profane or uncouth people in the room. Cease and desist OR Cease to exist! Your choice. :) You're welcome to stay if you behave. FIRST AND ONLY WARNING.
.CHAIN RULES!:/say -X- Generic Message: Please stay within channel guidelines. Guidelines can be found at - Thanks!
.CHANNEL NOTICE-MESSAGE:/say -X- Generic Message: Please direct controversial, denominational or disagreeing statements privately to the person you are addressing.
.ENCOURAGE MESSAGING:/say Remember, when someone needs spiritual advice or has a personal question about God's will or scripture we should message. Use common sense. That's what makes this channel friendly :)


.Do Not discuss chanops:/say -X- Do not question an operator's actions on channel. It is never appropriate to ask why an op did something to someone other than yourself. That would be gossip for the op to answer.
.Handling Op Disputes:/say -X- The procedures for complaining about an operator or being unbanned may be found on
.1 Be Nice-Disagree Privately:/say -X- Rule 1 (Paraphrase) - Be courteous, disagree privately. Learn to message.
.2 Have Notebook:/say -X- Rule 2 (Paraphrase) - Have some way to keep track of prayer requests, email addys, etc while on channel.
.3 Answering Doctrinal questions:/say -X- Rule 3 (Paraphrase) - Please DO use you talents, gifts and abilities to help others with theological and doctrinal questions. But do it privately or on #chainlink.
.4 Tell Op of Probs:/say -X- Rule 4 (Paraphrase) - Notify a Channel Operator if there are any problems on the channel.
.5 Disagree Privately:/say -X- Rule 5 (Paraphrase) = Take disagreements private, this includes operators telling people to take disagreements private.
.6 Allowable Topics:/say -X- Rule 6 (Paraphrase) = Discussions of most topics are allowable if the person is simply referring to a hobby, leisure activity, or interest. Use common sense. Allow people their opinions. Most controversial topics are easily recognized.
.7 Tolerate :/say -X- Rule 7 = Understand that oneís convictions are personal and allow others to hold their beliefs. If one feels compelled to express concern over someone elseís occupation, diet, entertainment choices, lifestyle, etc., please do so in private.
.8 Answer Religious Questions privately:/say -X- Rule 8 = Questions of almost any nature are allowed. However, if the person is asking a religious question such as, "How should I be baptized?", "How do you know God exists?" etc... Please message the person.
.9 Don't flood with scripture:/say -X- Rule 9 = Unless used for general encouragement or sharing, do not flood the channel with scripture. If one is answering a personís question with scripture, privately send the message to them.
.10 Learn to ignore:/say -X- Rule 10 = Learn how to /ignore any person who offends you. Please do not become hostile to others who are being inappropriate. If necessary, please take a moment to pray for them.
.11 Helping PreChristians:/say -X- Rule 11 = Ask questions of troubled people. Do NOT start preaching to them on the channel. If one wishes to share the gospel or express dislike for their behavior, please message the person and see if they are willing to respond.
.12 Keeping channel coherant:/say -X- Rule 12 = Respect conversations. Stick to discussions if occuring & help people feel comfortable by listening to them. Answering questions, testimony and prayer take priority.
.13 Personal Info-Bio:/say -X- Rule 13 = Be cautious in giving Last Name, Street Address or Phone numbers to others on IRC. We do hope people feel comfortable giving first names, city and state of residence, denomination or faith, age, testimony, marital status, etc
.14 No Bashing-Harrassing:/say -X- Rule 14 = NOTICE: Anyone bashing any religion/denomination on channel, using profanity, sexually harrassing someone or behaving disruptive will be kicked and banned with NO warning. Do not argue on channel. Take disagreements private.
.15 Becoming a CHAIN Member:/say -X- Rule 15 = People who desire to be registered members of chain are encouraged to complete the membership form in full and send Lilandria a digitized picture.


.SHOW COMMANDS:/msg w showcommands
.DNS:/dns $$1
.OP:/mode # +ooo $$1 $2 $3
.DEOP:/mode # -ooo $$1 $2 $3
.KICK:/kick # $$1
.KICKBAN:/ban $$1 2 | /kick # $$1
.UCENTRAL:/uwho $$1
.WHOIS:/whois $$1
.PING:/ctcp $$1 ping
.FINGER:/ctcp $$1 finger
.VERSION:/ctcp $$1 version
.TIME:/ctcp $$1 time
.NOTIFY:/notify $$1
.CLIENTINFO:/ctcp $$1 clientinfo
.IGNORE:/ignore $$1
.DCC SEND:/dcc send $$1
.DCC CHAT:/dcc chat $$1